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Most people claim they don’t like labels. I happen to enjoy them. I find it makes life easier. Particularly in the Information Age, or more properly the Information Overload Age, categorization has become a necessity; without it we’d never get anything done. We are constantly inundated with stuff – ideas, opinions, art, crap masquerading as art – and there aren’t enough hours in the day to assess it all. So we compress it all into blocks that we think are similar, then pick which blocks to investigate further. It’s not a great system but you have to have some sort of filter or you will drown.

People often call me a cynic and I wear the label proudly. Asshole is another common tag that I cop to willingly. I am a master of the broad generalization. It is a great time saving measure for discussion purposes. When writing or even talking about a subject, a certain amount of editing needs to happen, repeat needs to happen. Categorizations need to occur, generalizations need to be made or else no one would ever get anywhere. When attempting to make a point I try as best I can to get to the point; repeatedly stopping to list exceptions and exclusions is torturous to everyone involved. Don’t believe me? What was the last software license agreement you actually read? There aren’t any, you just scroll down and click “agree” like everyone else does. Legal documents are nothing more than an endless list of exemptions. They are designed specifically to cover every, single, possible contingency, making them painful to read and understand. This is why lawyers get the big bucks, because they are willing to wade through that endless river of ass-covering. I’m not a lawyer. I don’t believe in that shit. My ass is out in the breeze and it is refreshing.

I paint with a broad brush. I make blanket statements. If you feel that you or someone you know is the exception to an idea that I put forth, congratulations but no one gives a damn. You can ramble about it in the comments section if you want but only idiots read internet comments anyway. (What’s that you say? You read comments all the time and you are not an idiot – congratulations!) The point here is to exercise our brains a bit and maybe think about things in a different way. I’m not always going to be right and you’re not always going to be wrong, but… actually, most of the time I’m right so just deal with it.

If you still feel the need to express your likely unnecessary opinion, go ahead and demean me on Twitter: @ScottyWhy. If 140 characters aren’t enough to express your feelings properly you can email me at: thescottywhy@gmail.com