Iverson is Smarter Than Tebow

I had really hoped that when the Pats cut Tim Tebow we could finally stop talking about him but of course I was stupid to think this. The media loves Tebow kind of the way Timmy loves Jesus – uncontrollably and without remorse. So here we go…


Why do they keep talking about my back foot?

Let me say this, I never hated Tebow personally, I just always felt he was totally over-rated and that wasn’t really his fault. But now I can say with a bit of certainty that Tim Tebow is an idiot. Tim recently stated that was not giving up on his dream to play Quarterback in the NFL. He also declined to speak with NFL teams who were interested in using him at other positions. So, yeah, he’s a dumbass. Tim has played QB for 3 different NFL franchises and the only one he had any success with shipped him out of town as soon as a better option presented itself. His second team barely used him at all even though their starter was Mark Frigging Sanchez. In his most recent attempt, he didn’t even make it out of training camp. Sooner or later you’d think Tim would get a clue, but nope he still insists he can play the most difficult position in all of sports at its highest level.

I present to you Allen Ezail Iverson, you may have heard of him. He played 15 seasons in the NBA and made the All-Star team in 11 of them. ESPN has him ranked as the 5th best shooting guard of all time. Through out his life Allen made a lot of poor decisions, including several that involved the police, he fit the profile of “more balls than brains”. However, one thing AI never did was force himself to be something he wasn’t and that’s why he is smarter than Tebow.

There is nothing wrong with following a dream but to quote Clint Eastwood: A man’s got to know his limitations. Let’s set aside the fact that Iverson won a state championship as a High School Quarterback and was named AP Player of the year, I have no idea if he wanted to pursue a career in football but it’s safe to say he could have given it a shot, instead he chose basketball. This was probably the better choice but it was still wasn’t a sure thing. See here’s an important thing to note about Allen Iverson: he’s 5 foot 9 inches tall. The records list him at 6 foot but I stood next to him in an interview once, he is 5’9” tops, possibly even shorter. It takes a lot of guts and determination for a guy that short to make it as a professional basketball player. I’m sure somewhere along the way people told him he was too short to make it in the NBA, but he stuck to his guns and followed his heart just like Timmy.


Iverson could dunk but could he block shots?

So what makes AI smart and Tebow dumb? Imagine if after being drafted #1 by the Philadelphia 76ers Iverson went to his coach and told him: “I’ll sign with the team but only if I get to play center”. You would call him an idiot and you would be correct. The Sixers never would have signed him to play center and he certainly wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity from two other teams either. You can’t play center in the NBA if you are under 6 feet tall, it’s just a fact and if Iverson had stubbornly refused to play except at that one position his career would have been over before it started. AI knew his skill set – he was quick, elusive and could shoot the lights out – thus he went on to win 4 scoring titles and has the 2nd highest post-season scoring average behind the incomparable Michael Jordan – Quite a feat for guy 10 inches shorter than the league average. None of this would have happened if Allen had been pig-headed about playing a position that he lacked the requisite skills for – sure he made some dumb decisions in his life but he’s not a dumb as Tebow.

Many people have made the remark that Tebow is a great “football player”, very few, if any, have made the claim he is a “great quarterback”, because the reality is he is not, at least not at the NFL level. Tim is in great shape and has the physique to play football. He obviously has heart and one would assume after all these years playing has a good grasp of the game. What he also has is a throwing motion that resembles a pro fisherman more than a pro QB. This is not a small problem. Perhaps if this were the 1970s Tim could make it under center with the skills he has; Heck, in Terry Bradshaw’s first two Super Bowl seasons he amassed 232 completions and 25 TDs… combined – and he’s in the Hall of Fame. To put that in perspective, for his first two seasons Christian Ponder has 458 completions and 31 TDs and that’s Christian Goddamn Ponder who will almost assuredly be out of the league within 3 years if not sooner. It’s the 21st century, the quarterback position has changed – a lot – And Tim Tebow simply does not have what it takes to succeed in that role.

Millions of people dream of playing professional sports but most don’t have the skills to even be considered. Every year there are thousands of college athletes who would gladly make any concession possible if it meant a shot to make a pro roster. Tebow could absolutely have a career in the NFL if he was rational about it. Every one applauds his work ethic and his positive attitude. He’s built like a fireplug and can definitely take a hit. The right team could probably convert him to a fullback or tight end and certainly he could contribute on special teams. But he is willfully turning his back on an opportunity that most people would kill for – Why? Because people have been blowing smoke up his ass for so long that he now believes it himself.

Here’s a case to the contrary: Quarterback Michael Robinson led Penn State to an 11-1 record and a win in the Orange Bowl. He also had almost as many rushing TDs as passing TDs. Coming out of college Robinson was smart enough to realize he was not a true NFL QB so he entered the draft as a running back. He was taken in the fourth round and thus far he has managed to play for 6 years including multiple playoff appearances, albeit in a limited role. This should have been Tim’s destiny too and it still might be if he can put away his ego for a moment and decide that he’d rather be an employed running back than an armchair quarterback. I would think this guy of all people would remember that Pride is one of the deadly sins.


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