Eagles Realize Tim Tebow is Black

Noted racist Chip Kelly showed his prejudice once again by cutting quarterback Tim Tebow who is apparently a black man. Tebow was attempting to make the roster of the Philadelphia Eagles as the third string quarterback but was let go, most likely due to his African heritage, not his 58% completion percentage. Though he has been out of football for a few years, race had to play a part in his release since, as you may have heard, he once won an NFL playoff game back in 2011.

tebow in hoodie

Tebow was likely considered too “street” for Coach Kelly

Coach Kelly’s bigoted tendencies were first pointed out by former Eagles running back LeSean McCoy who noted that Kelly was getting rid of all his good black players, two adjectives that obviously apply to Tebow. Kelly will likely use the excuse that he wants a traditional pocket passer but we all know the term “running quarterback” is just a racist euphemism similar to saying “urban”. Tebow has often been referred to as “a good athlete”, a common condescending phrase used by whites in reference to black quarterbacks.

The move comes on the heels of the Eagles trading away fellow contending quarterback Matt Barkley, another onyx-skinned signal caller with pro-bowl potential. Both moves show Chip Kelly is likely more concerned with having racial homogeny than a talented roster. This leaves Philadelphia with the distinctly Aryan combination of Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez at the quarterback position.


Popular Caucasian players Bradford and Sanchez

It is unknown at this time if Tim Tebow plans on contacting the NAACP to help him pursue legal action against Kelly and the Eagles organization.


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