Anti-Gun or Anti-Killing?

So former Governor and delusional wind bag, Mike Huckabee is bothered by President Obama’s “Anti-Gun Agenda”, well then, can we talk about an Anti-Massacre Agenda? Instead of worrying about who gets shot where, can we just work toward fewer people getting shot over-all?

Why do charlatans like Huckabee think that shootings in cities and shootings in suburbia are two separate issues? When a school gets shot up by a nut job and there is a call to action, standing there saying: “hey, people get shot in Chicago all the time” is not a reasonable response. This is just another attempt to divide people on what should be a non-partisan issue.

My mistake Gov Huckabee, you don't have a small penis

My mistake Gov. Huckabee, you don’t have a small penis

When a plane crashes and kills 200 people, everyone works toward corrective measures, no questions asked. If it turns out the crash was the result of a mechanical problem the planes get fixed or taken out of service. No Senator is going to stand up and argue that the 737 is an essential part of air travel and cannot be modified. If it turns out the air traffic controller was in hour 13 of a 16 hour shift, a regulation about work hours will pass, unanimously. You’re not going to hear some politician saying it is the right of every American to get as much overtime as they want. We all understand that slinging people 20,000 feet in the air is inherently dangerous and thus requires strict oversight for the safety of everyone involved. Yet certain people refuse to accept that this is also true for devices that spray chunks of metal at 2500 feet per second. Can we knock it off with the gun regulation foot-dragging? Steps need to be taken; let’s spend some time figuring out what those steps should be.

Gun violence is gun violence – We shouldn’t only be concerned with certain types. The goal of effective gun legislation is to reduce all gun violence. Guns kill people, oops sorry NRA, I meant to say guns get people killed. We should all want to minimize the gun death toll, not just in the suburbs, not just in the city, but everywhere. People who wave the Second Amendment flag act like gun laws will only apply to white people with hunting licenses. No, the point is to make guns harder for everyone to get their hands on.

And notice I said harder not impossible, no one is saying we should outlaw firearms – we can’t, it’s right there in The Constitution, remember? This is why we use the term “gun control” not prohibition. We ‘re talking about tracking databases, background checks, waiting periods, limiting bulk purchases, none of these things will lead to “only criminals having guns”. Responsible citizens will still have access to firearms. The pro-gun lobby tells hunters and doomsday-prepers the government is coming to disarm them because addressing the argument at face value would be no argument at all. You can’t say that you’re against regulating deadly objects because that would be a foolish stance. You have to make up a side argument or, like Huckabee, you simply flail around hoping to cause a distraction and prevent the real issue from coming to the front.

I keep hearing “We have regulations in place already”. Well then, either they need to be better enforced or they need to change all together. Too much time is spent looking at the street level of this argument. We need regulation and enforcement starting at the top and working down. If a bar sells booze to a kid without asking for ID they get fined or lose their license completely. If a doctor writes unnecessary prescriptions for profit he loses his medical practice and can even be sent to jail.

We're more protective of our booze than our guns

We’re more protective of our booze than our guns

We need to hold the people making money off the sale of guns accountable. But that is exactly who is fighting this, manufacturers and distributors, because it will hurt profits. It’s about money. It’s always about money. Saying that human life is less important than Smith & Wesson’s balance sheet makes you an asshole but talking about protecting freedom makes you a patriot.

Well thought-out and properly enforced gun laws will help to reduce fatalities and injuries across the board. Are we going to stop crime completely? No, of course not, just like we will never totally eliminate plane crashes from happening. But does that mean we should stop regulating the air travel industry? Something as dangerous as a gun should not be easy to acquire. Making acquisition hard also makes it hard to do damage with them. Proper gun rules and vehement enforcement will create less police-shootings, less gang-shootings, less accidental-shootings and less people-getting-mowed-down-while-going-about-their-lives-shootings. This should be the only point of interest. Everything else is a smoke-screen.


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