Where is Dixieland Anyway?

So I wrote this a couple years ago but after the events in Charlottesville this weekend it seems worth revisiting. To all the ignorant and misguided people using the argument that removing a statue of Robert E. Lee is an attempt to erase history, I say this:

We are not burning history books. We are taking down a monument. A statue like this is a celebration of a man who committed treason against the United States. He took up arms and executed acts of violence against our government. We shouldn’t build monuments to someone like this. Lee Harvey Oswald viewed himself as soldier fighting against an unjust government too, there are no parks containing a 10 foot high concrete replica of the man who shot Kennedy.

If you want to preserve history, move all these Confederate monuments to a museum. Dedicate a wing in the Smithsonian to all our great mistakes. Put the statue of Lee in there right between a replica of a coal breaker room and Joe McCarthy’s list of communists. Then in a few years we can add a red hat that says “Make America Great Again”.

3am Cynic

With all the discussion lately about the Confederate flag and places that still fly it, defenders of the flag keep using the word “heritage”. They repeatedly claim the flag does not represent slavery or racism, not today anyway, but that it is simply a part of “Southern Culture”. For this discussion, let’s forget the military geek-talk about the flag being for a specific regiment. Let’s also put aside the notion that it was revived as a back-lash to the civil rights movement. Let’s take just the heritage argument as the rationale for displaying a flag flow by an army that declared war on the United States. So then I have to ask: What exactly is Southern Culture?

No, we sure don’t

During a debate with someone who admitted having a confederate flag hanging in their home along with a U.S. flag, they touted themselves as a proud American and a…

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