All Aboard The Wentz Wagon


I have to confess I was skeptical when the Eagles traded a boat load of draft capital to move up and take a guy who played in the Missouri Valley Football Conference. People in Philly kept bringing up Joe Flacco as a comparison but there was a major difference: Flacco was supposed to play D-I ball at Pitt, he only transferred to FCS Delaware after new coach and mustache aficionado Dave Wannstedt decided to make him a back up to the legendary Tyler Palko. Carson Wentz on the other hand was never even recruited by a bigger school. You would think that if Wentz had such undeniable talent to warrant trading up to the #2 spot in the draft, a few more people would have noticed earlier.

But I’m willing to admit I was wrong. After watching Carson do his best Steve Young impersonation last night against the Redskins… I’m in. That was not a fluke. That was not a guy getting “hot”for a few quarters. That was a smart, tough, confident QB out there running the offense and making plays. Even after losing his All-Pro left tackle, he still kept slinging the ball and putting on a show. Philly is – and should be – pumped up for the future.

The Wentz Wagon is loaded and ready roll, everyone hop on!


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