Logic is Futile with Right Wingers – Part 37

Here is an example of why trying to talk to right-wingers is just banging your head against a wall. Take a look at this graphic:


This qualifies as logic to folks on the right

This was posted on some rah-rah ‘Merica Facebook page that I won’t link to because they are obviously dipshits. This picture had 4k “likes” and 28k “shares” when I found it. So all those people think this makes sense.

If you’re one of those people, let me break down why this is foolish reasoning:


Geronimo: More than just a word you yell when jumping into your above-ground swimming pool

The first 5 highlighted words are actual tribe names, the 6th one is an actual person’s name, while the last one is a “nickname” (read: slur) made up by European settlers. See the difference? No, probably not, which is why you can’t have a discussion with these people; their level of ignorance is stifling. But… I will try again anyway.

Here you go Fox News fans, maybe I can re-phrase your example to show you how stupid it is.

  • So the US Government has named ships “Texas” “Alabama” and “Tennessee” and named a fort after “General Lee” but is opposed to the phrase “redneck”. Really?

Does that point out the inaccuracy of your logic? What’s that? You proudly call yourself a “redneck”? Thank you for proving my point – It is impossible to reason with a moron.


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